What students say about “MLK & the Spirit of the ’60s”

“The presentation, “Martin Luther King & the Spirit of the ’60s,” was really great! I enjoyed that music was incorporated as Mr. Kaufer explained his involvement in the Civil Rights Movement. He is a great presenter and really catches the audience’s attention.”  — E.P.


 “Lanny Kaufer did an amazing speech.  He made it very entertaining but yet very educational.  I had no idea that African Americans had that much of a hard time just to vote!  I’m very glad it changed.”  — Diana R.


“It makes the struggle of racial injustice so much more real to hear it from someone who was present at the time of those struggles. Thank you.”  — Vanesa B.


“I really enjoyed your presentation about what you did to help the Civil Rights Movement. It taught me that I actually have a say in this world. It taught me that you can achieve anything if you feel strongly about it. If I wanted to I could really change this world we live in to make it better for everyone.”  — Sean B.

“Mr. Kaufer did an excellent job. I had a great time listening to his stories and to his life experiences. The knowledge we received yesterday cannot be taught in a history book. Well done!”  — S.G.

“I loved your performance; it was both entertaining and educational.”   — R.P.G.


“When you have someone present who has actually lived through and was involved in the issue, it’s very interesting to hear first hand. My favorite part was when he would sing songs related to what he was talking about. They were all different kinds of genres and he was able to play and sing them all. That was very impressive. It was a very good presentation and he had my attention the whole time.”  — Angelina L.


“I’m very motivated by your presentation. Thank you.”  — M.D.


“I liked learning from someone who was actually there and helped with the civil rights movement.”  — D.G.


“I thought the presentation was a cool way to learn about the civil rights movement. It wasn’t like any presentation. It had songs that we could sing along to. I thought a lot of students participated which is a good thing because that means a lot of students were interested in what he was discussing. Overall, I thought it was fun and entertaining.” — N.A.


“I loved that presentation. It was a great learning experience for me. I loved the songs you did and the meaning of them.” — R.A.


“I thought your presentation on the civil rights movement was very powerful.”  — V.A.


“It was cool learning about his story. I liked the music and slideshow. It was more fun learning about civil rights than it was in class.”  — R.M.


“The rap was great and overall your story was amazing.”  — C.E.

“I thought your presentation was very good! I liked how you talked about different races, not just one. I also liked how you let us sing along with your songs. I recommend this presentation to other schools. It will help them learn more about prejudice.”  — Y.O.

“I really enjoyed your presentation. The music and pictures were motivating and made it easier to understand. I loved it and I would watch again!  — D.R.


“I learned that in the 1960s, people got beat up for marching.  Lanny’s recruiter went to jail 127 times for doing something good!  If I was around in those times, I would fight with them and march as well. I learned a lot and would like to learn more.”  — Francisco C.


“I learned that Virginia had a bad senator.  Lanny worked with Mr. King and I give him props for rapping.”  — Maggie B.


“I learned that black people were mistreated just because of the color of their skin.  Thank you for coming to Park West.  I hope you can come back.”  — Jesus G.


“The presentation you made at our school was moving.  The things you shared with us were incredible.  Thanks for taking the time to visit our school.”  — Brenda P.


“The presentation was amazing and interesting.  I learned many things like Mr. Kaufer’s movement  in the 60s going to African American houses and getting people to vote.  I also learned about all the music artists who made songs for that time.  Mr. Kaufer also met Dr. King and that is something very special because he met a man who made a big difference.  I would’ve loved to meet Dr. King.”  — Melissa M.


“I think what stuck out for me was how he actually took part in the SCOPE organization that Dr. King brought up.  He was actually there and has real evidence.  Also, thank you for coming to our school and speaking to us.”  — Rosa G.


“Lanny Kaufer (AKA K-Dog), thank you for coming to our school and letting us know how people suffered during the 1960s because of racism.”  — Marlen V.


“I would like to say that I appreciate you for coming to Park West because not many people realize what a change Martin Luther King made! I respect you so much and I loved your rapping.”  — Serena H.


“Your presentation was very interesting.  I learned that you did a lot for people who wanted to vote.You sacrificed much to make a difference in the world and the people.  Thank you for your presentation.”  — Jose D.


“Mr. Kaufer’s presentation made me feel like everybody can go out of their way and make a difference. Another thing that I liked about his presentation is how he shared the songs that each ethnicity had and you could kind of see the culture through the songs. I enjoyed it, bottom line.”  — Damian P.


” I really enjoyed hearing some of the events you were part of. The music played helped me feel l was in that time…The presentation was put together very well. I’m glad that you spoke to us about your experiences. Thank you!”  — Jackie G.


” The rap was lit.”  — anonymous student from MLK Jr. Middle School, Berkeley CA, commenting online


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