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My album, The High Road, produced by Cody LePow, is available on buy dapoxetine canada and at buy dapoxetine sweden.

where can i buy dapoxetine online

Produced by Cody LePow

Lanny Kaufer: vocals, harmonica (“Harrisburg”)

Bill Flores: acoustic and electric guitars, dobro, lap steel guitar, pedal steel guitar, mandolin, tenor saxophone, accordion

Jimmy Calire: keyboards, tenor and baritone saxophones

Jack Joshua: acoustic and electric bass

Bob Nichols: drums

Cody LePow: slide guitar, harmonica, percussion

Mark Parson: fiddle, flute

Burton Lang: congas, bongos, percussion

Bob Gothar: electric guitar (“Pass It On”, “Almost Over You”)

Michael DeTemple: electric guitar (“22nd Century”)

June Pointer: background vocals

Jonathan Clarke: background vocals

Mike Baker: background vocals (“The High Road”)

L. Wahpepah: background vocals (“The High Road”)

Wolf Wahpepah, L. Wahpepah, Sam McCoy, Lanny Kaufer: powwow drum


All songs ©2006 Lanny Kaufer

except “Hard On My Heart” ©2007 Lanny Kaufer & Cody LePow

Arrangements: Cody LePow   email:

Horn arrangements: Jimmy Calire

Recorded at Sound Asylum, Canoga Park, CA

Engineers: David Williams, Steve Werbelow

Mixed by David Williams & Cody LePow

Mastered by David Williams

Executive producers: Lanny & Michael Kaufer


Information and booking: Lanny Kaufer (805) 646-6281

Cover Art: “The Three Boys and the Mountain” (Cheyenne) ©2004 Ikoshy

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