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  • I enjoyed Lanny’s story and music
  • Loved the personal and historical references mixed with folk music—great presentation.
  • Extremely enjoyable, enlightening, and interesting
  • Variation in presentation-excellent. Such an electrifying subject
  • Personal experience rocks
  • Excellent
  • Lanny’s presentation is fabulous
  • This class: King and the voting rights was superb. Lanny Kaufer is extraordinary.
  • Enjoyed the music
  • Excellent – liked the mix of personal experience, historical perspective and music
  • Very thorough and organized/interesting approach with music and history. Enjoyed your personal experiences and accounts of Sussex !
  • Excellent presentation, loved the music and sing along.
  • Great subject, great presentation, new material I’ve never been exposed to.
  • Outstanding—made history come alive. Exposed me to facts I had never known.
  • Lanny Kaufer was a wonderful presenter-probably the best you have offered. Well prepared, well informed, passionate and a great speaker.
  • Excellent and relevant
  • Well done. Interesting and timely. Simple, clear presentation that is invaluable. Personal account that was very meaningful.
  • Lanny Kaufer was extremely informative in his lecture. Looking forward to more lecturers like this.
  • So timely and informative! Great!
  • Excellent, inspiring! Hope Lanny continues to teach us all with his uniquely authentic message.
  • Such an important class!!
  • Excellent presentation
  • Outstanding presentation
  • Lanny Kaufer very interesting and I would take his class in fall.
  • Great class! Wonderful presentation. Professor was very knowledgeable.
  • Excellent class. Very interesting!
  • Well done, Lanny.
  • Loved the inclusion of music “of the time” and personal stories
  • Wonderful presentation (OLLI)

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