SCLC-SCOPE 50th Anniversary Reunion

October 1, 2015 – October 4, 2015 all-day
Marriott Century Center
2000 Century Boulevard Northeast
Atlanta, GA 30345
$125/person ($75 before August 31)
Lanny Kaufer
(805) 646-6281


A message from John Reynolds, reunion committee chairperson:


It was fifty years ago this month that many of us were dispatched across the South to register thousands of people to vote.  Because we left our homes and our campuses, the lives of many people in Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Virginia, North and South Carolina were changed.  What we did allowed people in various communities to stand up and speak out for the first time in their lives.  Many of those folks that we worked with put everything on the line.  They put their livelihood, even their lives, on the line.  It made a big difference, not only in their lives, but in their communities as well.  I believe I can say that fifty years ago when we spread out across the South, our lives were changed as well.  We didn’t go back to wherever we came from the same.  We were a different person.  Because of our work with the SCOPE project, we were changed –  changed for the better.  This is our history, and we need to tell it.  But even more important is to share it with one another and then hopefully share it with a new generation.  That’s just one of the things that we will be doing when we gather in Atlanta for the Reunion.


If there are those of you who would like to reach out to the counties where you worked fifty years ago, we would encourage that.  You should be in touch with Lanny Kaufer who will be coordinating this effort.  His e-mail address is We hope that some of us will go back to those counties at the conclusion of the Reunion.

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